Author: Nayaab Siddiqi |

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Do you struggle with your daily fruit intake?

Do you want to incorporate more fruits in your daily life? But feel that somehow it just never happens. Either you don’t remember, or you are unable to plan it into you daily meals?

If these are some of the challenges you face, then read this article to feel more in control and to improve you daily fruit intake. Listed below are some of the ways that you can add more colour in your life, literally and figuratively!!!

Make fruits a part of your breakfast:

-Fruits like banana, apples and berries can easily be added to your breakfast oatmeal or cereal.
-Berries and kiwis can become a delicious accompaniment to a yogurt and granola breakfast parfait bowl.
-Berries and bananas add a great number of antioxidants, fibre, and sweetness to any smoothie. And if you do not like the taste of protein powder in your smoothie then bananas and dates are a great way to not only add sweetness to the smoothie but also camouflage the taste of protein powder.
-Who doesn’t love fresh strawberry topped, pancakes and waffles.
-Use cooked mixed berry compote to spread of almond butter toast, add to smoothies and on top of wholewheat waffles and pancakes

Using these breakfast ideas, you can deliciously and conveniently incorporate 2-3 servings of fruits during you day.

Add them to your salads:

-Adding crisp green apples is the best way to enhance the sweet and tarty flavours and a little crunch to your salad.
-Add ripe pears, tossed in lemon juice (prevents them from getting brown) to your greens or some mandarin oranges.
-Blend blueberries or strawberries in your salad dressing to give a fruity burst to any salad. Add this dressing right before serving the salad so that the fruits stay fresh.
-Add chopped dates and/or raisins along with seeds. This way you get the crunch and chewy factor together.

Cut up your fruit snack in advance:

Remember, “those who fail to plan, plan to fail”! Prepping and cutting up fruit snacks is the best way to ensure that, when those hunger pangs hit or when you crave something sweet in between meals you have something handy. When you have your fruits prepped like this you can simply open the refrigerator and reach out for them instead, eating any junk food. This is a sure enough way to also lose weight. You not only increase your fruit intake, but you also increase your fibre intake, ultimately feeling full on less calories.

Prepare smoothies bowl as your main meal:

You can literally have smoothie bowls anytime of the day. So delicious and refreshing and all they require is a stash of frozen fruits in you deep freezer, a splash of plant milk and some crunchy granola, seeds, and shaved coconut topping. Frozen pineapple, mangoes, blueberries, avocados are my go-to fruits for smoothie bowls. Not to mention that frozen bananas make the best smoothie bowl base.

Pureed fruit popsicles are a great summer treat for the kids:

-Simply puree any fruit of choice with a bit of maple syrup, a little vanilla essence. Freeze and voila! Go ahead and get creative!
-Make pina colada popsicles with coconut milk and frozen pineapples.
-Make tropical popsicles with coconut milk and mango with kiwi bits in it.
-Make berry-yogurt popsicles, by swirling compote into sweetened yogurt.
-Make maple-oat popsicles with pureed banana and maple syrup coated in crunchy oats.
-Make apple-cinnamon popsicles by freezing sweetened applesauce, coated with cinnamon seasoned crunchy oats.

Bake with fruits if you are struggling with the taste of fresh fruits:

-I am a firm believer of looking for the better option rather than the perfect option. Cooked fruits may not be the optimal way of eating fruits but if that is something that you need to resort to, to get used to the taste and if that helps you transition to eating more fresh fruits, then I say go for it.
-Apple sauce and mashed bananas make for a great replacement for oil and sometimes, even egg in baking.
-Cooked fresh berry compote is great to add over you waffles or simply use in place of (the more processed and preservative laden) fruit preserve on top of your toast.
-Add cooked apples to oatmeal.
-Adding pineapples or mangos to Thai inspired curries taste so delicious as well.
-Baked pears topped with maple syrup and crunchy sweetened walnuts can also make such a great dessert.

Eating fruits is one of the best ways to nourish your body. Fruits are packed with usable energy and can make for a great post workout snack. Research shows that a combination of glucose and fructose (the natural fruits sugars) are the best way to replenish glycogen stores after your workout.

They are the ultimate antioxidant powerhouse. The taste, fragrance, and colours of fruits all vouch for and display the millions of phytonutrients present in fruits. Some of which have yet to be discovered by scientists.

Fruits have a great soluble fibre content which not only helps your body in the detoxification process but also reduces the incidents of countless chronic diseases which ravage first world populations and contribute greatly to the health spending budget.

These are some of the very few reasons to incorporate fruits as part of your daily diet regimen. The above-mentioned tips and ideas will surely help anyone struggling with their fruit intake. Leave a comment below on what is your favourite way to eat fruits.