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Happy Fuel Health & Nutrition Inc.

Hello! I am Nayaab and I welcome you to Happy Fuel Health & Nutrition Inc. As your Registered Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner and a Pakistani-Canadian Muslim woman, I provide you with functional solutions to achieve your goals for sustainable weight loss, overall health, and longevity at any fitness level.

By understanding your unique lifestyle and harnessing the latest scientific evidence, I develop a safe, effective, individualized, and balanced approach that incorporates all aspects of health leading to attainable and sustainable results for your all round well being.

Happy Fuel will help anyone with their health and nutrition goals. This includes recreational athletes, amateur college level athletes, active kids, expectant mothers, vegans, vegetarians as well as those navigating a healthy lifestyle with pre-existing health conditions.

I am registered with the Canadian Association of Natural Nutrition Practitioners, which means that I hold myself to a very high standard of practice. This also means that, depending on your coverage, your medical/health insurance may cover some or all of the consultation and associated costs (check with your insurance provider how much you can claim).